An urbanized Ranger turned would-be nobleman.


Male Half-Elf Ranger
Specialized in Archery, uses an enchanted bow once carried by his mother in the final defense of their home.
Wears a Rat-Catcher’s Coat as his chosen armor, a throwback to his days as a vermin hunter in Waterdeep.


Starting from humble origins, this orphan of the destroyed city of Kiris Dahn found himself in Waterdeep at a young age. Working as a vermin killer for hire, Caffery made friends with the other members of the party. After reclaiming Kiris Dahn and journeying to Neverwinter, Kiris Caffery has learned that his ancestry goes back to the old lords of Neverwinter making him a would be contender for the throne. Forming alliances with the various Neverwinter factions, Kiris Caffery prepares himself to make a bid for the throne.


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